Create a connected
ecosystem with
interactive restaurant
technology solutions.

Streamline your business with a hardware
platform that unifies your operations.

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Image of restaurant POS system
Image of mobile POS system for accepting payment

Run your restaurant
technology solutions
suite on one platform.

With a modular hardware platform, easily configure restaurant kiosks, digital menu boards, KDS stations, restaurant POS systems, tableside ordering and line busting. Creating a connected restaurant has never been easier.

Image of Elo POS Z30 restaurant POS system

Restaurants and industry-leading
software providers choose Elo.

Elo offer’s software agnostic restaurant technology solutions from front of house to back of house. Let us help you shape your restaurant and your business strategy to increase efficiency and improve guest satisfaction.

Image of restaurant kiosk for self-ordering

Increase order accuracy
and profits with
restaurant kiosks.

With instant ordering capabilities, demand is revealed sooner, orders are fulfilled quicker, and wait times are minimized while enabling add-on suggestions, exclusive offers and loyalty rewards to keep customer coming back.

Image of Elo POS Z30 with CFD for restaurant POS system

Choose a restaurant POS
system that will connect
your operations.

From QSR and fast casual to fine dining, configure Elo’s customizable pos systems to accept payment, drive restaurant inventory management and unify business operations.

Mobile restaurant POS
system - one device that
does it all.

Whether you need to line bust in store or in the drive thru, expedite orders curbside, take orders at the table or go back of house for inventory management, mobile devices help simplify operations across your restaurant.

Image of restaurant technology solutions for tableside ordering and line busting
Image of Elo M60 Pay mobile POS, with DS11 docking station and EM10 expansion module

Smart Terminals

Upgrade to smart terminals that offer integrated payment, barcode scanning, a customer-facing display and battery power backup to streamline your POS stack.

Interactive digital menu
boards help promote
offers and drive demand.

Digital menu boards for restaurants help customers see what’s new, explore menu options and decide on those upsell items that bring in the revenue.

Image of restaurant technology solutions, digital menu boards

Connect your kitchen
with an interactive
Kitchen Display System.

Unite tableside ordering, POS, self-service and food prep with a kitchen display system that synchronizes orders and creates efficiencies across the restaurant. With Elo’s software agnostic platform, choose the software you want to create a powerful KDS station that transforms your restaurant ticket system.

Provide customers
with the order pickup
experience they want.

Whether curbside, in-store or in the drive-thru, offer pickup options that allow your business to maintain and increase sales, provide customers access to their favorite foods and make operations more efficient.

Image of mobile device for restaurant technology solutions, curbside order pickup

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