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Projected Capacitive (PCAP) - TouchPro®

7-inch TouchPro® Display Module

10.1-inch TouchPro® Display Module

15.6-inch TouchPro® Display Module

TouchPro® Pro-F (Film) Projected Capacitive, 7"-32"

TouchPro® Pro-G (Glass) Projected Capacitive, 7"-22"

TouchPro® Pro-M Projected Capacitive, 42"-86"

TouchPro® 9200 Series Advanced Controller

TouchPro® 9300 Series Advanced Large Format Controller

TouchPro® 8300 Series Controller

TouchPro® 8200 Series Controller

TouchPro® 7200 Series Controller COF

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) - IntelliTouch®

IntelliTouch® Surface Acoustic Wave, Zero-Bezel

IntelliTouch® Surface Acoustic Wave, Bezel

IntelliTouch® 3200 Series Controller (single & dual touch)

IntelliTouch® 2701 Series Controller (single touch)

IntelliTouch® 2521 Series Controller (dual touch)

5-Wire Resistive - AccuTouch®

AccuTouch® 5-Wire Resistive, Zero-Bezel

AccuTouch® 5-Wire Resistive, Bezel

AccuTouch® 2218 Series Controller

COACh® AT Controller Chip

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